Your BSafe Solution- Crash Protection and Vibration Sensor vibration sensors

B-Safe is the new idea for the spindles and machine

tools diagnostics according to the vibration and

temperature analysis. The miniaturised system

can be directly installed into your spindle

guaranteeing a real-time monitoring about

all anomalies, predicting malfunctions and

safeguarding your business reducing the machine


The hybrid technology MEMS 3D and piezoelectric guarantees

a complete signals analysis on a wide band. The presence of a

microprocessor with integrated memory allows local detection

and memorization of collision phenomena, unbalances, overloads,

anomalies of the working cycle, tools wear and bearings diagnostics.

Predictive maintenance at your service

B-Safe Spindle Check-Up function includes a series of algorithms to check

the efficiency level of your productive process, with the aim of maximizing

the productivity of your machines and the quality of your products.

The statistical analysis provided by the system gives an essential support

for planning maintenance interventions, according to the real use of

your equipment.

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