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RGW Sales Canada is a technical sales agency helping customers and quality manufacturers to connect and solve bearing,bushing and material handling issues. Our US and UK manufacturers are the leaders of their industry and all provide customers with interesting solutions to daily problems

We represent the following Manufacturers


Acco Material Handling- US MFG-Hoists, crane components,carts and lifting devices;

Balance Systems-B-Safe sensor systems to reduces rotating machinery crashes.

Bowman International- UK MFG- Plastic, bronze and Bowmet bushings and bearings;

John Handley Bearings- UK MFG- Manufacturer of new split roller bearings with higher radial and axial capacity then existing mfg.

Frantz MFG- US MFG- Conveyor bearings, ball transfers, and skate wheels ;

IPTCI- US-Supplier of mounted Bearings in steel, stainless steel, and plastic

PT International- US MFG- Mounted bearings, Metric PT, Sheaves,sprockets, gears etc ;

Universal Hose & Braid- US MFG- Metal hose,wire braided hose, and assemblies;

USA Sealing USA mfg of seals, o-rings, hose, tubing and fittings

VanSeal Corp-US MFG- Custom seals, wipers, and v seals;

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