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 Vanseal is a trusted IATF 16949  manufacturer.  Part design and material construction ensure quality parts which reduce maintenance caused by leaking inside equipment housings. 


 Agricultural engine components are exposed to a variety of substances, the most corrosive of which is chemical in nature. Proper manufacturing begins with material selection. Vanseal engineers have extensive experience developing mud seals for fluid retention, which are made from custom compounds that perform when exposed to temperature extremes and resist corrosion from liquids like oil, gasoline, and manmade substances. 

Radial Lip Seals


Vanseal is able to solve even the most difficult radial lip seal application projects. We carry patents on several innovative designs for radial lip high fluid temperature seals, high-pressure seals, low-torque and long-life seals – seals that keep contaminants out in harsh environments.


  • Double Lip / Rubber O.D.
  • Double Lip / Metal O.D.
  • Single Lip / Rubber O.D.
  • Single Lip / Metal O.D.
  • Garter spring energized
  • Bore coat can be added for worn housings
  • Choice of elastomer
  • Corrosion resistance available

Performance Capabilities:

  • Temperature: -65ºC to 325ºC / -85ºF to 617ºF (depending on materials used)
  • Pressure: up to 4,500 psi
  • Velocity: up to 3,000 fpm
  • Applications: rotary, reciprocating, static and oscillating

Boots and Bellows


Quality seal design prevents corrosion, reduces maintenance, and protects equipment from deterioration.  Boots are used in a variety of equipment designs such as steering components, pumps and cylinders with the industry, and for applications such as off-highway, automotive and agriculture equipment.

Boot seals provide several advantages over other component designs including:

  • Able to integrate metal or plastic components with elastomer to maintain a positive seal at connection points
  • Flexible design doesn’t break down during repetitive pressure
  • Easy equipment installation and maintenance
  • Designed to serve in either dry or wet env

Elastomeric Packing- U-cups, Wipers

Performance Capabilities:

  • Temperature: -65ºC to 325ºC / -85ºF to 617ºF (depending on materials used)
  • Pressure: up to 4,500 psi
  • Applications: Rotary, Reciprocating, Static and Oscillating

Seals for Off Highway Vehicles


Vanseal manufactures some of the toughest seals in the industry to keep off-road vehicles and equipment ready to operate in demanding conditions. Our rubber and PTFE rotary lip seals and seal components are used in drivetrain and cooling systems seals for excavators, back hoes, scrapers, cement trucks, dump trucks, coal haulers, wheeled mining equipment, road construction equipment, pavers, rollers and sweepers.

Off-highway applications for Vanseal products include:

  • Drivetrain input and output pinion seals on transfer cases, power take-offs (PTOs) and differentials
  • Axle trunnion seals to retain gear and bearing lubricant
  • Wheel-end and hub seals to seal air or vacuum for central tire inflation systems or vacuum hub locks
  • Tube-end seals to exclude contaminants
  • Transmission input and output shaft seals
  • Drivetrain low friction seals made from PTFE compounds

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