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Air Lifting Bags – by MatJack – Reliable, Safe & Easy to Use

A high quality Air Lifting Bag designed to complement load moving equipment in the material handling industry.

Only 1″ clearance required  •  Lift up to 50 tons  •  Lift up to 50 tons with ease

Slide under your load  •  Inflate and watch your load rise from the ground  •  All in seconds

Manufactured in Kevlar material, or steel woven mesh, these terrific lifting accessories are the ideal alternate lifting equipment to assist in placing Hovair Systems load moving equipment – air caster bearings – in the correct locations before commencing operations.

MatJack Air Lifting Bags go anywhere you have one inch clearance beneath your load. The lifting bag has a raised, conical, interlocking surface that is designed to “grip the load.” Excessive gaps can be bridged with strong plywood or other types of lumber.

Heavy Duty Air Transporter


 Hovair Systems Heavy Duty Air Transporters and Heavy Load Movers are the big boys on the block when it comes to heavy load moving equipment. Designed to lift and move heavy loads up to 300 tons and beyond, these transporters offer tremendous power and versatility. Recognized as one of the first choices for moving such equipment as heavy transformers and giant aerospace components, these heavy duty air transporters are rock solid in operation with the ability to lift and move 300 tons with pin-point precision and accuracy. 

Air Bearings And Skates



The easiest and most cost-effective way to get started in moving heavy loads with pneumatic powered equipment is to purchase an Air Bearing Kit. The advantage of purchasing a kit is that you get everything you could possibly need in one complete package. There will be no running around trying to find hose connectors, or the right size tee-pieces, or other bits and pieces required to assemble your heavy load moving system. A kit ensures you can set up to move your load quickly.

Kits are the ideal choice for both first-time users and seasoned users alike. For seasoned users, you can use individual modules of a new kit to bolster an existing system when more lifting power is required. These air bearing kits are truly versatile and flexible.

Air Powered Lifting


 Moving and Handling Equipment: Want to move heavy loads without breaking a sweat? Air beams are the best options to mobilize heavy loads that are dependent on low-profile devices. These aluminum-based, lightweight, compactly designed beams can easily fit under heavy bulks. Their profile height is around 2 inches; length can vary between 4- 12 ft and width lies between 1 and 4 ft. The dimensions of air beams are customized according to specific heavy load moving requirements. 

Air Turn tables



Car and Showroom Turntables: As well as our expertise in producing turntables for residential use, we have also been instrumental in supplying a variety of turntables for car and showroom use in the automobile and entertainment industry.

Car showroom turntables will usually be of the electro-mechanical, above ground installation to ensure as little disruption as possible while being installed. Control will be via a simple on/off type wall-mounted switch similar to a light switch.

Air Pallet Movers



These air pallets are particularly suitable for use as warehouse equipment or in other similar type facilities.

Air Pallets are ideal solutions to handle loads of standards shapes and sizes. The push handle assembly installed at the rear of air pallets provides greater operational control to handlers. The push assembly also includes a set of handlebars for better grip, a switch to trigger operations, an air inlet to monitor and control air supply, a balancing valve to guarantee sufficient air supply to different bearings sustaining different weighing loads and a mechanism to gauge the air supply available for the air pallet to operate.

Air pallets can easily sustain and mobilize loads weighing 500 pounds to 20 tons. They can be customized according to different specifications and needs