HiTork USA- Actuators, Bevel gearboxes, and Couplings

Bevel Gears and Gearboxes


 Bevel Gearbox Product Description 

  • Gear ratios 1:1, 1.5:1 and 2:1.
  • 8 different sizes for maximum output torque ranging from 17 Nm to 3550 Nm.
  • Fully machined with tapped holes for universal mounting, thus 6 possible mounting positions.
  • 1 input with 1,2,or 3 outputs, hollow outputs.
  • motor flange for direct mounting of motors (up to FG55).
  • Either direction of rotation.
  • Mounting base for fastening outside the Cubical form.
  • Efficiency 95-96 % depending upon Lubrication.
  • Oil or grease filling.
  • 'O' Rings /oil seals at all joints.
  • Tapered roller bearings for high radial & Axial load capacity, long life.
  • Spiral beveled gears (Gleason Generated) for FG60 & FG75.



 Product Description 

  • Designed to suit US market and other countries using inch units.
  • CLASSIC Model IMA Imperial.
  • 12 Different Sizes.
  • Lifting Capacities 0.25 to 50 Ton (560 to 112000 lbs).
  • Drive Motor Speed up to 1750 rpm.
  • Self Locking Acme Screw.
  • Worm Gear in three ratios, Nominal, Slow1 & Slow2.
  • Lifting Screw in two different pitches.
  • Top and Bottom Guide bushing for Lifting Screw.
  • Inverted base configuration for 2,3 and 50 T models.
  • Worm Wheel/drive sleeve is precision hobbed
  • Filled with NLGI EP 1 or 2 grade grease.



 Universal Joint Product Description 

  • 3 types of Universal joint, Single Universal joint, Double Universal joint and Expandable Universal joint.
  • Diameters from 13 to 63 mm.
  • Expandable type have splines for telescopic movement.
  • Various type of bores, cylindrical, square Hexagon to suit every application.


  • Hubs are made of Cr-Mo medium carbon steel, hardened & Tempered for high torque transmission.
  • Pins are made of Ni- Cr- Mo medium carbon steel, hardened & Tempered for high shear strength.
  • Special platings for corrosion resistance available on request.

Lifting Systems


 Lifting Equipment Product Description 

Gears & Gear drives Worm gear screw jacks ( classic and cubical), quick lifting bevel gear screw jacks, Bevel gear boxes can be used as either single drive units or multi lifting systems.

Multi lifting Equipment are generally driven by a single motor. This makes the system to lift Equal. When driven by two or more motors sophisticated electrical synchronization and control is required.
The Equipment is built using :-

  • Worm gear screw jacks
  • Quick lifting bevel gear screw jacks
  • Bevel gearboxes
  • Electric motor
  • Geared motor
  • Couplings
  • Connecting shafts
  • Bearing blocks
  • Standard motor flanges

Cubical Actuators


 Product Description 

  • CUBICAL Model CWJ series.
  • 13 Different Sizes in CWJ series.
  • Lifting Capacity 5 to 100 kN in CWJ.
  • Drive Motor Speed upto 1500 rpm.
  • Worm Gear in two different ratios, slow and fast.
  • Top & Bottom Guide Bushings for Lifting Screw.
  • Worm wheel/drive sleeve is precision hobbed.
  • Oil or grease lubricated.
  • Oil Seals for Worm and Worm Wheel/drive sleeve
  • All 6 Sides machined.
  • Easy fitting of Motor Flange.
  • Can be used in Upright or Inverted position.

Agricultural Gearboxes


HiTork USA ™ is a Global Engineering Company that is innovatively engaged in providing total engineering solutions from design to manufacturing for over thirty years in the areas of Power Transmission, Mechatronics, Motion Control and Automation.

HiTork Actuators can be found in many applications, including Process Machinery, Industrial Automation, Agricultural, Defense, Solar Tracking, Material Handling, Lifting Platforms and many other lifting solutions.

HiTork Power Transmission Products are long-life interchanges to other manufactures and are supplied to machine builders and end-users in diverse industries.