Aurora T Frame Electric Motors

NEMA Premium Efficiency T-Frame Motors

Package with Aurora Shaft Mount Gearboxes


NEMA Premium Efficiency T-Frame Motors

Aurora NEMA Premium Efficiency T-Frame Motors are three-phase induction, TEFC (Totally Enclosed Fan Cooled) squirrel-cage motors manufactured with the latest technologies. Our stator core is manufactured with high-quality laminated electrical steel. The high permeability and low loss of the steel enables Aurora T-Frame Motors to operate more efficiently.



  • Class “F” insulation (Class H available)
  • VPI treatment
  • Dynamically balanced rotor
  • 1-300 hp
  • 208, 230, 460 volt and 60 hz available
  • Low-noise, low-vibration bearing
  • Steel or cast iron fan cover
  • Laminated steel stator core

Motors built with high-quality materials

 Aurora T-Frame Motor stator windings use Class F insulation with polyimide enamel round wire and VPI treatment to provide strong mechanical support, superior electrical insulation, moisture and contamination resistance, and uniform heat dissipation. The conduit box is made of cast iron with Standard NPT threads in the opening.