ACCO Material Handling

ACCOLift Systems & Chain Hoists



ACCOLIFT® Hand Chain Hoists are portable, lightweight and compact. They provide a dependable working tool for:  industrial maintenance, construction sites, machine shops, and production situations where parts need to be positioned accurately but infrequently.

ACCOLIFT® Electric Chain Hoists come standard with the following features:

  • Hooks are drop forged, heat treated steel with spring type latches.  
  • Both top and bottom hooks rotate 360˚ for easy rigging.
  • Mechanical Load Brake
  • Hand Chain is electric welded, close link galvanized coil chain
  • Load Chain is electric welded alloy steel chain, heat treated for wear resistance and strength
  • Fabricated rolled steel plate frame

Wright Wire Rope Hoists



Wright® Speedway® Hoists are designed for H4 duty. All Speedway® hoists are engineered to your exact specifications. Choose from Monorail, Close Headroom Cross Mounted, Top Running Trolley or Deck Mounted Hoists as well as Base Mounted Winches.

Speedway® Hoists include features like:

  • Mechanical Load Brake
  • Single, Two Speed or VFD Controls
  • Motor Brake
  • Motor Thermostat
  • Overload Cutoff (optional)
  • Other options are available

Wright® Speedway® Hoists offer options for hazardous locations, spark resistant and explosion resistant hoists 

LOUDEN® Patented Track & Monorails



Engineered for maximum strength, long wear and ease of installation, LOUDEN® runway tracks and track fittings are designed to meet span, load and duty requirements for a wide range of applications. Composed of special analysis high carbon, high manganese steel, LOUDEN® SuperTrack®, SuperTrack® Girder, and TrojanTrack® Girder sections are manufactured to maintain close tolerances on dimensions.

LOUDEN® runway track is tailor-made for your job requirements. Each section of straight track is cut to exact length, all required holes in place and each curve is machine bent at the factory to layout drawings and specifications. Every piece of track is shipped from the factory, ready for installation.

Trambeam Track & Crane Components



Trambeam® track is manufactured using various thickness and widths of top flange and web plates with two rail sizes.  Trambeam Patented Track features a 3.25” wide bottom flange regardless of the load or depth of the track. This allows interchangeability of carriers and provides an efficient and economical system. Trambeam track is classified into three types. Light rail sections, heavy rail sections and bridge girders.

Operating flange: 3.25”
Light rail sections: 7/16” thick bottom flange

Heavy rail sections: 11/16” thick bottom flange

Nutting Trailers and Associated Items


 Innovative logistics for your facility.

Nutting warehouse and industrial trailers provide innovative logistic solutions for transporting goods at factory and warehouse facilities. The trailers are built for applications to withstand the toughest environments while providing reliable and dependable service. Nutting trailers offer proven benefits especially where safety and ergonomic considerations are a high priority.

Nutting’s innovative design concepts create efficient, economical material handling equipment that promote lean manufacturing practices. 

Vac-U-Lift and Mansavers



Vac-U-Lift® offers a complete line of vacuum lifters to handle a wide range of applications. Choose from our standard lifters, or have ACCO design and build a vacuum lifter to solve a specific material handling need. 

 MANSAVER® grabs are available in a diverse range of capacities and sizes in motorized or completely mechanical models. MANSAVER® below the hook lifters can be custom engineered and built to your requirements, or ordered from the pre-engineered standard product offering to accomodate a multitude of different lifting situations. The quality and durability built into each grab has made MANSAVER® an industry standard since 1944. In fact, many of the MANSAVER® grabs built decades ago are still in service today.